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A professional with 19 years experience, the last nine having been spent developing dynamic, interactive, and effective web sites. I have In-depth knowledge of standards-based web development, cross browser development issues and a robust understanding of development utilizing HTML, XHTML, CSS, Flash and JavaScript, including libraries to extend the DOM such as MooTools and jQuery. My diverse background in both UI design and user experience, equip me to tackle even the most complex projects.

What others are saying:

“David's knowledge of front-end development is exceptional while his coding is tidy and well-formatted. David has demonstrated that he has a strong passion to learn and fully applies himself in all his work. He constantly keeps up with the latest trends in web development so he can stay on top of his game.”

“It is my pleasure to recommend David as a front-end developer. He has the necessary keen eyes when it comes to finding flaws and suggesting improvements. He is always there for the entire dev team, acting extremely humble and professional at the same time. He stays on top of web trends which change with the winds and performs his work out of a strong conviction to deliver a great product.”

“David is the kind of professional that understands his field of expertise to the extent that he can give you a very thoughtful plan of attack for almost any project you throw at him. He is very easy going and a really nice guy. I have worked with David for almost a year now on various projects and I have enjoyed my time with him. David is a master of html and css. I always felt as though he were a walking talking manual regarding web site design.”